Portal cranes for effective loading solutions

Portal cranes are designed for lifting loads of varying dimensions. Portal cranes are typically erected in river and marine ports and used to transport bulk and oversized cargo from ship to shore and vice versa. Such cranes are very frequently used in shipyards, where especially high standards of accuracy are demanded.

Technological solutions

The qualified Baltic Cranes Engineering team has long-standing experience in portal crane maintenance, repair and modernisation work. In seeking continual development and executing our clients’ most difficult orders, our specialists implement innovative solutions and ensure work quality as well as streamlined operations. The control systems and gears (reducers, motor reducers) used with our portal cranes are supplied to us by SIEMENS.

Accuracy and smooth operations

Depending on the nature of a given lifting task, portal cranes can come in various sizes and can be used both with medium-weight and heavy-weight loads. The main purpose of a portal crane is to ensure smooth operation and reduced downtime in ports and shipyards. Modern engineering solutions can meet our clients’ individual needs. The user-friendly operating system of our lifting equipment helps prevent errors in positioning and increases loading speeds.