Reliable crane maintenance

Baltic Cranes Engineering offers professional installation maintenance services that will ensure maximum operational indicators for your lifting equipment. Modern solution monitoring and professional crane maintenance will ensure optimum results and work safety as well as prevent more serious malfunctions in the future.

Our qualified specialists with many years of experience can be hired to conduct structural crane inspections as well as to evaluate the operational conditions of your lifting equipment. Crane maintenance and inspection is based on meeting the requirements specified by the manufacturer. Timely installation maintenance and crane inspections will ensure the most productive operational characteristics and high return on investment.


  • Installation maintenance
  • Assessment of operational characteristics
  • Malfunction analysis
  • Repair work
  • Consultation with qualified specialists

Our qualified employees will evaluate the operational characteristics of your lifting equipment, inspect crane components and parts as well as identify and eliminate malfunctions. Timely repairs will ensure the speed and effectiveness of your lifting activity.