Energy cranes: optimum lifting solutions

Successful energy sector development requires reliable and durable lifting equipment to guarantee the precise execution of operations. Baltic Cranes Engineering offers modern and reliable cranes for universal lifting work and tasks that require special-purpose equipment – energy cranes ensure the reliable transportation of loads, precise execution and safety.

Long-term experience in the energy sector allows the company to offer the best solutions for individual lifting operations: high-capacity and maximum accuracy cranes are designed to operate in difficult working conditions and working environments that require special precautionary measures. Precise execution is ensured by modern technology and unique equipment operating solutions, enabling the regulation of working limits, positioning, sway control, etc. Baltic Cranes Engineering understands that employee safety is no less important than efficient execution, thus our innovative solutions ensure the safe use of equipment: our lifting systems can withstand great loads and work under the most difficult circumstances without causing any harm to employees, the environment or other equipment.

Lifting equipment that is not afraid of a challenge

  • Efficient lifting work
  • Reliable and durable equipment
  • Universal solutions
  • Top quality
  • Maximum safety

“We understand the needs of the energy industry and we can offer lifting equipment to meet all of your expectations. Cranes that do not require a lot of downtime will help increase productivity and make sure that your employees are safe. Modern lifting technology is adapted to every unique activity and individual task. For lifting smaller loads, we offer jib cranes and single-girder cranes.”