Dockside cranes: reliable precision lifting for cargo

Managing marine port operations, supervising lifting operations and the equipment used to execute these tasks requires exceptional precision and durability. Baltic Cranes Engineering offers modern engineering solutions, reliable lifting equipment and effective loading services for the most productive dockside work. Robust dockside cranes ensure the most precise lifting solutions and enable organisations to meet their industry-specific objectives.

Constantly on the lookout for the best lifting solutions, Baltic Cranes Engineering now offers an especially wide range of lifting equipment for the marine port industry: for ship building yards, docks, ports and individual cargo terminals. Innovative lifting technology ensures smooth execution and safety as well as increases the stage capacities of each lifting process. Developed for many years, our modern equipment and technology help reduce downtime and ensure cost-effective operation. With a view to increasing precision in the lifting process, BCE has modernised the operating systems it uses and made controlling equipment easier.


Highest quality requirements

BCE cranes matches the highest quality and longevity requirements

The most effective lifting equipment for ports

  • Great technical characteristics
  • Easy to control
  • Maximum precision
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Reliability

“Our most important goal is the comprehensive fulfilment of our clients’ needs, which is why we offer reliable and durable cranes for various loading operations. We have been dealing with quayside lifting equipment for many years and this enables us to offer time-tested lifting equipment recognised by clients. Technological progress and innovative engineering solutions ensure precise lifting operations and increased harbour productivity.”