Automotive industry cranes: precise lifting solutions

The automotive industry demands reliable technical equipment and a results-oriented team. Setting up a successful production line means structured development of production processes and effective operation of production equipment. Any kind of disturbance in the production process poses a true challenge for the entire company.

The goal of Baltic Cranes Engineering is to provide modern lifting equipment that meets the objectives of the automotive industry and helps it overcome all the obstacles it may encounter in the production process.

The long-standing experience of Baltic Cranes Engineering and its continual development led the company to establish optimum objectives for its lifting equipment. The company offers professional lifting equipment for loads of varying weight. Automotive cranes ensure efficient operations and can be used to execute cycle structures of various scope. A wide range of cranes for different lifting situations: lifting equipment is used to assemble vehicles or their parts, transport and roll up steel rolls, shape machine parts, etc.


Highest quality requirements

BCE cranes matches the highest quality and longevity requirements

Optimum lifting solutions

  • Stability
  • Productivity
  • Maximum accuracy
  • Work at different load capacities
  • Precision handling

“We know that the automotive industry is a production sector that requires great technological stability. Robust, reliable and precise lifting equipment that reduces downtime is crucial to its success. Our especially convenient operating system ensures the functionality of technical processes and systematic handling. Unique solutions are applied to daily lifting tasks and one-of-a-kind lifting situations.”