Modern cranes with lifting magnets and specialised grabs

Cranes with lifting magnets and specialised grabs are used in various industries that require precision positioning. Cranes equipped with lifting magnets are typically used for the transportation of steel in the metallurgical industry. Lifting equipment with specialised grabs is used in metal, paper and aviation industries as well as other industrial sectors.

Maximum-accuracy lifting equipment is designed in consideration of industry-specific requirements in order to ensure effective conditions of use, smooth operation and safety. Modern cranes that use lifting magnets and special-purpose grabs are built to meet the requirements of international standards for lifting equipment. Baltic Cranes Engineering offers cranes that ensure maximum safety and a convenient operating system. Advanced automating functionalities, e.g., sway control and positioning, help achieve maximum productivity.

Productivity and positioning accuracy

Cranes equipped with lifting magnets or special-purpose grabs that are designed by Baltic Cranes Engineering ensure efficient and flexible lifting operations. The lifting equipment can be adapted for use in various industries. Two of the main advantages of such cranes is maximum productivity and precision positioning. The equipment is designed so that repair work can help prevent long periods of downtime and increase the technical speed of operation. Impeccable conditions for crane use are ensured by the latest engineering solutions.

Technical characteristics

Lifting capacity up to 200 t
Span up to 40 m
Lifting height up to 100 m
Duty group (ISO) M3…M8
Lifting speed up to 20 m/min
Trolley traversing speed up to 40 m/min
Crane traveling speed up to 120 m/min
Controls radio control system or operator‘s cabin
Working environment indoors and outdoors
Ambient temperature -50 … +70 °C