Jib cranes for optimum lifting solution

Jib cranes are used for equipping workstations, servicing specialised equipment and effective work with machine tools. They ensure efficient and accurate lifting operations in production lines, repair shops and warehouses. This type of crane can be used on its own or together with larger lifting equipment as an additional tool. Jib cranes do not demand difficult maintenance and can be easily and quickly installed.

Baltic Cranes Engineering offers two types of jib cranes: pillar-mounted (the pillar is mounted to a floor or foundation) and wall or column-mounted (reinforced concrete). Pillar-mounted jib cranes are intended for lifting loads both in closed and open spaces. The jib can be rotated 360°. Jib cranes that are not pillar-mounted are intended for production premises that contain large numbers of other equipment. The said lifting equipment ensures optimum load manoeuvrability and the effective use of space.

Accuracy and safety

Modern technology and the latest engineering solutions ensure the safety and accuracy of our lifting equipment. Our jib cranes come equipped with SWF Krantechnik lifting mechanisms (hoists) notable for their reliable handling and optimum use of space. Jib cranes can be used in combination with manual or electric hoists that have varying load capacities. These sturdy lifting mechanisms ensure maximum safety during use.

Technical characteristics

Lifting capacity up to 5 t
Reach up to 12 m
Lifting height up to 40 m
Duty group (ISO) M3..M6
Lifting speed up to 8 m/min
Trolley traversing speed up to 20 m/min
Rotational speed up to 2 aps/min
Rotational mechanism manual or electric
Controls pendant or radio control system
Working environment indoors or outdoors
Ambient temperature -20 … +50 °C