Petrochemical industry cranes: smooth lifting operations

An inextricable part of the petrochemical product industry is dust, moisture, flammable vapours and harmful atmospheric stresses. Successful operation in this sector depends on the execution of purposeful tasks and the efficiency of work. Downtime and disruptions make for costly mistakes. Baltic Cranes Engineering offers modern lifting equipment suitable for extreme working conditions: petrochemical industry cranes will help overcome production challenges and automated operation functionalities will ensure easy handling of lifting equipment.

Heavy-duty cranes are designed resilient to dust, heat and corrosion and are capable of ensuring the safe and effective use of technical equipment. Our cranes are equipped with special-purpose mobile unloaders, which guarantee speed and efficiency, while modern safety functionalities take care of the operator’s safety. Special chemical filters protect the electric crane controls and the operator from corrosive dust. Petrochemical factories are also offered explosion-proof cranes that can operate with both lighter and heavier loads.

Cranes for difficult working conditions

  • Operation in unfavourable conditions
  • Great technical characteristics
  • Maximum accuracy
  • Easy handling
  • Reliable protection

“In consideration of the extreme working conditions in the petrochemical industry, we offer precise and reliable lifting equipment that will help you avoid unnecessary downtime and ensure high productivity. Our cranes are designed to work in difficult conditions, so you can be sure of your operator’s safety and the durability of the crane itself. Automatic load handling functionalities will ensure the accuracy of your lifting operations.”