Innovative container cranes

Reliable and durable container cranes are used in marine ports, intermodal logistics terminals and other industries that involve container lifting work. Baltic Cranes Engineering offers top quality container lifting equipment, specialised gantry cranes, modern container cranes and other lifting equipment. The company uses quality ELME spreaders. A piggy back system is used to lift semi-trailers onto railway platforms, ensuring maximum handling control.

Modern container cranes use innovative lifting technology that guarantees smooth workflow and efficient lifting operations. Productivity is ensured by using specialised cargo positioning devices. The latest engineering solutions are applied to specific industries and lifting situations. High-quality production material and time-tested solutions will help you prevent downtime and ensure minimal maintenance costs.

Smooth operation and efficiency

The container cranes offered by Baltic Cranes Engineering are valued because of their especially sturdy structure, quality assembly and reliable operation. The modern operating system allows the operator to set the most accurate grab and container position, ensuring positioning accuracy when handling cargo. The execution of container crane projects is based on the most up-to-date technical solutions and the application of modern technology, therefore, our lifting equipment will guarantee productivity, reliability and precise positioning.

Technical characteristics

Lifting capacity up to 60 t
Span up to 50 m
Lifting height up to 20 m
Duty group (ISO) M3…M8
Lifting speed up to 40 m/min
Trolley traversing speed up to 60 m/min
Crane traveling speed up to 120 m/min
Controls operator‘s cabin
Working environment indoors and outdoors
Ambient temperature -50 … +70 °C