Construction industry cranes: a combination of height and lifting capacity

The continually growing and developing construction industry demands reliable and durable lifting equipment that is suitable for lifting heavy loads to great heights. Smooth operation and technical accuracy is crucial for successful activity in the sector. Reliable, accurate and safe, the construction industry cranes offered by Baltic Cranes Engineering will ensure efficient construction work.

The construction industry is inextricably linked to purposeful lifting operations. Such operations with heavy loads require both accuracy and safety. Baltic Cranes Engineering understands your business priorities and the processes involved in construction, which is why it offers technical equipment that will increase productivity and safety in various stages of construction. Automated operating systems, e.g., precision positioning, will ensure the accuracy of your lifting work. An optimum combination of height and lifting capacity will be ensured by modern tower cranes. The greatest advantages these cranes have to offer are speed and easy operation.


Highest quality requirements

BCE cranes matches the highest quality and longevity requirements

Lifting solutions for the construction industry

  • Great lifting capacity
  • Great lifting height
  • Universal technical solutions
  • Maximum accuracy
  • Efficiency

“We have been working in the construction industry for many years, so we can offer the best lifting solutions for even the most difficult operations. We are proud of the projects we have executed successfully and the positive feedback we have received from our clients. Our experience and technological progress allows us to offer lifting equipment that meets all of the requirements of the construction sector and guarantees precise positioning and quick loading.”