Innovative logistics and railway cranes

The transport industry and logistics sector are two of the most rapidly developing industrial fields and require purposeful management of operations and reliable technological equipment. The long-standing experience of Baltic Cranes Engineering and the company’s close collaborative ties with logistics companies have established strict requirements for technological solutions. Logistics and railway cranes need high reliability indicators, precise and quick lifting operations as well as effective cost management. Innovative technology and the implementation of individual tasks enables work with cargo of varying dimensions and weights.

Baltic Cranes Engineering activity is based on constant development and the application of innovative technology, allowing the company to provide modern solutions for efficient loading work. Successful development in the logistics and railway sector demands precision, reliability and safety – the lifting equipment of BCE stands out due to its especially convenient and functional handling and the top-grade safety indicators of its equipment.


Highest quality requirements

BCE cranes matches the highest quality and longevity requirements

Precision lifting for the transport industry

  • Modern technology
  • Reliability
  • Productivity
  • Maximum precision
  • Universal solutions

“We offer universal and custom lifting solutions for smooth and efficient lifting operations in the field of logistics and the railway industry. Innovative devices and professional lifting equipment will optimise lifting work productivity and help achieve better results. We offer the most up-to-date lifting technology for maximum-value output and effective development.”