Post-warranty services and technical maintenance services

Professional post-warranty services and technical maintenance services reduce downtime for your lifting equipment, help diagnose crane malfunctions and allow us to offer the most effective means of eliminating defects and thus preventing the necessity for future repairs. Post-warranty service and technical maintenance work is carried out based on the manufacturer’s instructions for operation and use.

Our effective modern solution monitoring and the meticulous maintenance will ensure productive lifting equipment and help you achieve better production results. For our specialists, the most important goal is to offer safe, reliable and durable lifting equipment for completing industry-specific tasks.


  • Technical maintenance
  • Replacement of malfunctioning parts
  • Repair work
  • Consultation with qualified specialists
  • Recommendations for daily maintenance

As part of our post-warranty services, we assess the operational characteristics of your lifting equipment and its projected life span as well as carry out specialist repair work. Our qualified and experienced specialists will ensure the smooth execution of services and the accuracy of our work.