Grab-cranes for various industries

Grab-cranes can be used in various industries, however, they are typically used in areas that necessitate heavy-duty lifting, e.g., the energy, construction, automotive, steel and petrochemical industries, marine ports, etc. Grab-cranes come in two forms, as over-head cranes and as gantry cranes. Lifting equipment is controlled by using automatic and manual operating systems. Advance technology and modern sway control ensure the safe and simple use of lifting equipment.

Very high standards of reliability and accuracy are required for grab-crane equipment. Our modern crane operating system increases productivity and prolongs the working life of bulk-handling equipment. Based on the latest engineering solutions, our sway control mechanism ensures precise positioning and reliable protection from external obstacles. Not only does this mean greater productivity, it also ensures the effective protection of your equipment and, in turn, a reduced need for technical maintenance.

Reliability and accuracy

The major industries require maximum lifting accuracy and efficient operation because downtime and malfunctions pose a threat to the development of the sector. Grab-cranes are used to ensure the smooth execution of lifting work. Modern sway control systems allow operators to use lifting equipment to maximum capacity. Our lifting equipment is precise, easy to use and guarantees great conditions for cost-saving in the area of technical maintenance.

Technical characteristics

Lifting capacity up to 200 t
Span up to 50 m
Lifting height up to 100 m
Duty group (ISO) M3..M8
Lifting speed up to 160 m/min
Trolley traversing speed up to 100 m/min
Crane traveling speed up to 140 m/min
Controls radio control system, pendant or operator’s cabin
Working environment indoors and outdoors
Ambient temperature -50 … +70 °C