Universal bridge cranes

Bridge cranes are the most widely used type of lifting equipment across all industries. Their distinguishing feature is an exceptionally wide range of capacities (from the smallest M1 class to the highest M8 class of the ISO standard). Baltic Cranes Engineering offers bridge crane design and construction services as well as bridge crane designs based on custom parameters. SWF Krantechnik components are used to ensure smooth lifting operations. If a client requires more than M7 duty, Baltic Cranes Engineering can offer custom-order designs with a Baltic cranes lifting trolley and lifting mechanism.

Bridge cranes are used to lift medium and heavy-weight loads. The most important part of this type of crane is a robust hoist that travels along the bridge and is installed parallel to the rails of the crane. Advanced technology and modern technical solutions help us ensure the durability of our cranes as well as the smoothness of the lifting process.

Accuracy and easy handling

The latest engineering solutions helped us design robust lifting equipment with high positioning accuracy. Bridge cranes reduce downtime to a minimum and increase productivity. This lifting equipment is suitable for working with heavy-weight loads (with a lifting capacity of 400 tonnes). Bridge cranes can be designed to accommodate loads of varying structure. A flexible operating system will ensure smooth and efficient operations.

Technical characteristics

Lifting capacity from 0,5 t to 400 t
Span up to 40 m
Lifting height up to 100 m
Duty group (ISO) M1…M8
Lifting speed up to 20 m/min
Trolley traversing speed up to 40 m/min
Trolley traveling speed up to 120 m/min
Controls pendant, radio controls system, operator‘s cabin
Working environment indoors and outdoors
Ambient temperature -40 … +60 °C