Metallurgical cranes for extreme working conditions

The steel industry has especially stringent requirements for lifting equipment, which is why metallurgical cranes must be able to operate in extreme working conditions and high temperatures, withstand strong vibrations and ensure accurate lifting of loads as well as employee safety. Baltic Cranes Engineering offers professional lifting equipment for the steel industry that meets the standards required by individual steel companies. Advanced functionalities and the most up-to-date engineering solutions improve safety and ensure more productive results.

Metalo pramones kranai

By setting high precision standards, Baltic Cranes Engineering offers modern cranes that are valued in the market for their functionality and reliability. Automatic load handling systems guarantee quick operations and help prevent unnecessary downtime. Innovative solutions ensure accurate positioning in difficult working conditions. A wide range of cranes is available for carrying out all types of lifting even at high load capacities and ensuring the effectiveness of technical maintenance operations. BCE cranes meet the highest standards of quality and durability.


Highest quality requirements

BCE cranes matches the highest quality and longevity requirements

Heavy-duty cranes

  • Operation in unfavourable conditions
  • Maximum precision
  • Easy control
  • Reliable use
  • Reliable protection

“We understand that every crane must fulfil its purpose and in the steel industry this means that lifting equipment has to withstand heavy-duty operations. Many years of experience in the steel industry allow us to offer cranes that ensure the most accurate lifting results, reduced downtime and adequate safety for employees. We also provide comprehensive support services for crane maintenance and repairs.”