Crane repair and technical maintenance

Qualified Baltic Cranes Industry specialists will assess the technical condition of your lifting equipment and offer the most appropriate solutions for necessary repair work. Cranes repairs are carried out efficiently and with maximum accuracy in mind. Our repair work comes with a long-term warranty and technical maintenance services.

BCI specialists seek to ensure that your lifting equipment is operating smoothly and precisely and that you experience as little downtime as possible with maximum safety. This is precisely why our specialists’ first focus is the technical and operational characteristics of the lifting equipment, followed by the selection of the most appropriate tools and measures for eliminating any malfunctions. Professional BCI employees will provide you with comprehensive consultation on all questions related to the daily maintenance of lifting equipment.


  • Diagnosis of malfunction
  • Repair work
  • Warranty service
  • Technical maintenance
  • Consultation with qualified specialists
Lifting equipment is repaired by using modern technology, reliable equipment and original crane parts. Repair operations are supervised by specialists with long-standing experience and the ability to offer the most appropriate solutions for the elimination of various types of malfunctions.