Crane modernisation and innovative solutions

Baltic Cranes Engineering offers the best solutions for modifying lifting equipment and thus reducing operational costs. The latest technology and the innovative solutions developed by our specialists will increase the productivity of your lifting equipment, reduce downtime and meet safety requirements.

Crane modernisation is a long-term investment that will generate the best possible production results. As we modernise your lifting equipment, we will replace outdated components, incorporate additional functionalities and adapt your cranes to new market needs. Modernised lifting equipment means higher lifting capacities and speeds, new safety features and more precise positioning possibilities. The long-standing experience of Baltic Cranes Engineering allows us to provide our clients with the most innovative solutions.


  • Modernisation consulting
  • Replacement of out-dated components
  • Installation of additional functionalities
  • Application of innovative solutions
  • Installation of safety features

Modernisation is crucial to maximising lifting productivity – this is one of the most cost-effective solutions for an increased return on your initial investment.

Modernisation will also upgrade your equipment to meet safety and ergonomic requirements, reduce downtime, increase lifting capacity and ensure successful results in the long run.