Lightweight workstation cranes for production lines

Lightweight workstation cranes are designed to be used with lightweight loads (up to 2 tonnes). This type of lifting equipment is easy to install and increases the speed at which assembly work can be carried out, making it a widely used option across various industries. The cranes are manufactured using strong but light aluminium, which ensures durability and a long life span.

Their modern construction helps reduce downtime and the light aluminium frame reduces rolling resistance. The comfortable and ergonomic control system of our work station cranes means accurate positioning and productivity. Available as monorail and single or double-girder bridge cranes, our selection of models offers various types of rail configurations for universal lifting operations in all stages of production.

Smooth operation and precision

Workstation cranes ensure smooth and precise lifting operations. All of the equipment operates quickly and quietly. Baltic Cranes Engineering offers an especially wide range of crane profiles and flexible assembly possibilities for your lifting equipment. Lightweight workstation cranes are valued for their exceptionally short installation time and downtime reduction. The modern aluminium structure is distinguished by impeccable quality and durability. In addition to this, the cranes do not require difficult maintenance or high usage costs.

Technical characteristics

Lifting capacity up to 2 t
Lifting height up to 10 m
Duty group (ISO) M3…M5
Lifting speed up to 8 m/min
Trolley traversing speed up to 20 m/min
Controls pendant or radio control system
Working environment indoors
Ambient temperature -10 … +40 °C